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I present to you my journey with Bitcoin mining.
About 2 or so years ago a somewhat-more-nerdy-than-me buddy of mine ropes me in to Bitcoins. I installed the client in a few places and let them CPU solo mine for a while. After a few weeks of nothing, I got bored and forgot about it.
Then in March this year, I jumped on the bandwagon again (all the while kicking myself for not sticking to it). This time, I figured out BAMT, played on deepbit for a while, learned enough linux to make p2pool run, and generally tweeked with configs in cgminer to make my GPU miners hum (and overheat).
Around April, I got suckered in by the BFL pitch and ordered a couple Jalepeno's. After "burning in" my stuff for a good 6 months, I guess they felt guilty and decided to ship them to me.
So now I've got these things hooked up to a laptop and the 10GH/s looks awesome after GPU minng (4 GPU's @ 750MH/s ea). The pool rewards tell a different story however (~.002/day). I've purchased a r-pi and plan to see how that'll play out with the ASIC's.
The GPU's have been re-tasked to LTC mining. We'll see how that goes.
I've come to the conclusion that while the steady and predictable payout of a BTC pool is smart, I'd like to play the lottery and just let my BFL's solo mine for a bit. I mean, how awesome would it be to check it one day and see the line "Found block for pool 0!".
Then again, the number of natural 20's I've rolled over the years is shockingly low. Still fun to dream. I imagine I'll return to the pool eventually with my head hung low mumbling "stupid blockchain"
TL;DR - mined bitcoins with different tech over time.
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