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You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. The PrivacyTools team is providing resources to protect your privacy against global, mass surveillance. Become a member of the PrivacyTools community to discuss online privacy and security, share information, and stay informed with the latest updates in the privacy world.

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Introducing The Worlds Biggest Bitcoin News RSS Feed

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Bitcoin Meum - Windows Phone Wallet & multi-purpose app

Bitcoin Meum - Windows Phone wallet & multi-purpose app
Windows Phone Store direct link
Current WP Bitcoin wallets
Kronolab's Bitcoin wallet
Miguel Rachefort's Bitcoin
Market rates
Bitcoin news RSS feeds
Would love to hear your feedback, suggestions and of course most important bugs/crashes!
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10-01 20:33 - 'Checkout This New Free Cryptocurrency News/Video Aggregator - Click on any currency, topic or 1 of 1000s of tags to get a custom rss feed and news portal with direct links to over 180 cryptocurrency news/vide...' ( by /u/Bit_Daily removed from /r/Bitcoin within 128-138min

Checkout This New Free Cryptocurrency News/Video Aggregator - Click on any currency, topic or 1 of 1000s of tags to get a custom rss feed and news portal with direct links to over 180 cryptocurrency news/video sources
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Author: Bit_Daily
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Bitcoin Rss Feed for news ?

Hey i'm Looking for a good rss feed to keep up with the Bitcoin news . I was wondering if someone know of a good collection of rss's for it. Thanks
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New UK Bitcoin Podcast - RSS Feed

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Looking for a "Price Only" Bitcoin RSS feed

I have a Logitech G15 keyboard with a built in LCD. It has an RSS ticker feature. That updates every couple seconds. It is easy to create any Sub Reddit into an RSS feed by adding, ".rss" at the end of any Sub Reddit address.
Logitech G15 picture
Is there a way I can get a simple Bitcoin price RSS feed? Without any news?
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White House Market Official URL's

Hash: SHA256
Current time: 2020-09-19 09:29:37.668143 UTC
News headlines:
DER SPIEGEL - International
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 18:03:23 +0200 Harvard Philosopher Michael Sandel on the Trump Phenomenon
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 17:48:21 +0200 Europe's Refugee Disaster: Merkel Losing Her Patience with Lack of EU Solidarity
Thu, 17 Sep 2020 16:05:41 +0200 German Health Expert on Second Wave of COVID-19: More Deaths in 6 To 8 Weeks
Wed, 16 Sep 2020 21:00:00 +0200 Bill Gates on COVID-19: "It's Mind-Blowing That We're Not Further Along!"
Wed, 16 Sep 2020 13:08:00 +0200 German Zoo Fire in Krefeld: The Life and Death of Massa the Gorilla
BBC News - World
Sat, 19 Sep 2020 03:16:28 GMT Ruth Bader Ginsburg: US Supreme Court judge dies of cancer, aged 87
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 22:27:31 GMT Covid-19: Lockdown in parts of Madrid amid virus spike
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 21:20:33 GMT Coronavirus: US health chiefs reverse advice on Covid-19 testing
Sat, 19 Sep 2020 06:44:29 GMT Syria war: US deploys reinforcements to Syria after Russia clashes
Sat, 19 Sep 2020 07:45:53 GMT Yasukuni Shrine: Japan's ex-PM Abe visits controversial memorial
NYT > World News
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 23:11:43 +0000 How a Savior of Rwanda, Paul Rusesabagina, Became Its Captive
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 21:59:31 +0000 The Time Has Come. Barbados Casts Off the Queen as Head of State, and Others May Follow
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 09:00:34 +0000 A Danish Childrens TV Show Has This Message: Normal Bodies Look Like This
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 08:38:11 +0000 The Nigerian-British Writer Putting Black Joy on Stage and Screen
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 19:52:09 +0000 After Fire at Refugee Camp, Europe Faces a Reckoning
Bitcoin block hash 0000000000000000000dac28d9814eb9c4319c9b758cc17c9e0dba998467981b at 2020-09-19 00:16:25 UTC
Mirror list:

Make sure you VERIFY this message!
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Fall of cryptocurrencies, rise of e-fiat currency?

Cryptocurrencies have been riding on some pretty rocky terrain lately and it remains to be seen what will happen should the first central bank-issued digital currency be launched. In fact, Sweden has voiced its desire to release a national digital currency in the next couple of years. Given the country’s gradual decline in cash usage, the Riksbank – Sweden’s central bank – is exploring this scenario. The e-krona, as they are expecting to call it, is being imagined as a tool that will play the same role as the tangible krona today: a currency that is independent of intermediaries, accessible to every citizen and usable for any type of payment regardless of its value.
Sweden is not the only country that has been looking into the possibility of launching a digital version of the national currency. The Bank of England, the Bank of Canada and the Bank of Israel have all set up working groups to better understand the implications of such a project and to evaluate the utility and need. Although they are all still at an exploratory stage, this could eventually come as a blow to cryptocurrencies around the globe in an age where ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) seem to be the hottest product on the market.
Bitcoin has certainly been facing some difficulties in the past week after South Korea announced the possibility of shutting down all cryptocurrency exchanges – news that caused Bitcoin’s value to plummet by 25%. A final decision is expected to be released today on their fate in the country that is to host this year’s winter Olympics. But regardless of the outcome, these drastic fluctuations are proving how volatile and unstable cryptocurrencies are, pushing many experts to wonder if they will ever become a substitute to regulated, legal tender currencies – fiat or digital.
Even one of the world’s most admired investors, Warren Buffet, has made it clear that he and his investment firm have no intention of going in that direction as they [cryptocurrencies] “will come to a bad ending”. Software giant Microsoft and digital distribution platform Steam have also ceased to accept Bitcoin as a payment tool because of its “high fees and volatility”.
So although there is now a lot of hype around the messaging app Telegram’s announcement of a soon-to-be-launched ICO – expected to be one of the biggest ever – it might be time to start wondering why a growing number of countries are counting on (or have already) imposing a number of restrictions and regulations on these anonymous and virtual “coins”. From China to Russia and now maybe even Korea, governments are cautious – and rightly so – about these “cryptos” who are looking less and less like a “currency” and more and more like a simple product of speculation.
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[DISCUSSION] List of non-functional apps in iOS13

If you know about an app that doesn’t work in iOS 13 or iOS 13.1, comment the name of it and I’ll add the app to the list.
Please kindly provide the app link(s) to the app(s) you’re reporting.
⚠️ If the app is partly functional (works but has a few buggy features) or only works on select devices, please include those details in your report.
Non-Functional Apps in iOS 13 Beta
Thanks for all your app requests! I hope that this list, which will be continuously updated until the final launch of iOS 13, will help other users.
❗️This list has been discontinued. I will no longer be adding new apps to the list since iOS 13 has already been released to the public. Thanks for all your support and I’ll see you next year!
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⟳ 870 apps added, 78 updated at

Notice: this update is spurious, and the issue is being looked at.
⟳ from Wed, 26 Feb 2020 20:21:50 GMT updated on Sun, 01 Mar 2020 05:23:29 GMT contains 2962 apps.
Added (870)
Updated (78)
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Monthly Nano News: October 2019

It's time again! October Nano highlights brought to you by NanoLinks
Amazing how new exciting events keep pouring in 🔥

If you want to subscribe to the RSS Feed
For previous events, see
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Monthly Nano News: September 2019

September Nano highlights

If you want to subscribe to the news there is also an RSS Feed available
For previous events, see
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Crypto Daily News Update 6/13

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[Sunday, 09. February]

World News

Experts say Trump firing of 3 officials including Sondland and Vindman is a ‘criminal’ offense
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Doctor who exposed Sars cover-up under house arrest in China, family confirms
Comments | Link
A group of Republican senators including Susan Collins tried and failed to stop Trump from firing Gordon Sondland
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All news, US and international.

Texas teen shot dead for defending classmate from bully days earlier, police say
Comments | Link
A high school student is growing out his hair for his sick sister. When administrators asked him to cut it, he withdrew from school
Comments | Link
Author Jordan Peterson is recovering from severe tranquiliser addiction in Russia
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Reddit Science

Scientis developed a nonthermal plasma reactor that leaves airborne pathogens unable to infect host organisms, including people. The plasma oxidizes the viruses, which disables their mechanism for entering cells. The reactor reduces the number of infectious viruses in an airstream by more than 99%.
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The tainted truth effect: falsely claiming news is fake, false, etc. led individuals to discard authentic information, and impede political memory.
Comments | Link
Unemployment is sometimes associated with an increase in happiness, new study shows. Although unemployed individuals generally feel less happy, the unemployed without financial problems feel an increase in happiness. The findings suggest that the main benefit of employment is related to income.
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The 2020 Election Will Be a War of Disinformation
Comments | Link
Bill Gates becomes first to buy a £500m hydrogen-powered super yacht
Comments | Link
A Device That 'Prints' New Skin Right Onto Burns Just Passed Another Animal Trial
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

Man Falls Through Ice On Mississippi River, Says Google Maps Told Him To Cross
Comments | Link
Otter chaos: Florida mother ‘alligator wrangled’ an otter that attacked daughter, family dog
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EPA re-approves key Roundup chemical
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Ask Reddit...

If you could see a list of every person's name and face (including strangers) that thought about you sexually at least once, would you want to see it and why?
Men who were sexually harassed, assaulted, raped or forced to have sex by females. What happened?
[Serious] What is stopping you from killing yourself?


years of network issues... it was servers (and not DNS!!)!
Heavy industries: what are some cools things you are doing?
“” is being sold, thousands of systems around the globe at risks

Microsoft SQL Server

Restore a backup


VSCode: How to debug a function inside a module?
Can you install powershell core next to PS 5?
Copy files to remote machine

Functional 3D Printing

There is no such thing as a failed print!
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Dish brush holder
Comments | Link
Letter box number for my niece’s new house (she loves bunnies).
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Data Is Beautiful

Fruits Highest in Sugar [OC]
Comments | Link
[OC] I analyzed over 2 billion Reddit comments to see how the frequency of Bitcoin mentions correlates with the price of Bitcoin and to investigate if there is a predictive effect. I plotted the results visually, here's what I found... [OC]
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[OC] Oscar Winners vs. Betting Favorites in the Last Decade
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL In 1965, a Ukrainian farmer dug up the lower jawbone of a mammoth. Further excavations revealed the presence of 4 huts, made up of a total of 149 mammoth bones. These dwellings, dating back some 15,000 years, were determined to have been some of the oldest shelters ever built
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TIL: Smuckers Uncrustables sends all of their discarded crusts to be made into animal feed.
Comments | Link
TIL Milk Duds were intended to be candy spheres but the machines produced less-than-round candies which the workers called "duds". The "milk" part of the name refers to the large amount of milk in the candy.
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So many books, so little time

Is there a single book that altered the course of your life?
Just finished A Man Called Ove
What are your thoughts on used books as a gift?

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

Nan Wood Graham and Dr. Byron McKeeby. Models of the painting "American Gothic" 1930s
Comments | Link
Claude Monet, French Impressionist painter, ca. 1923
Comments | Link
A young Sir Ian McKellen (1966).
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Thanks to storm Ciara, BA flight BA112 travelled from New York to London overnight in just 4hrs 56mins
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1/32 A-10 Warthog - Album in comments
Comments | Link
Unexpected landing gear view takeoff....
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Reddit Pics

Ehhh... What’s up Don?
Comments | Link
Bill introduced himself as Dr. Peter Venkman & talked to my kids every other hole at the ATT Pro Am.
Comments | Link
Interesting graffiti in Yekaterinburg
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

You can pinpoint the exact moment he decided to go for that exposed butt...
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Perfect coaster toss
Comments | Link
Stunning view of El Capitan in the Morning Light!!
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

The snack that smiles back!
Comments | Link
A beautiful cat, you say? Taa ~ daa!!
Comments | Link
Merlin the European Eagle Owl walking back to his Avairy after his flying session.
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Enfin des infos sur la monnaie (Ca)Libra de facebook. Vos avis/analyses ?

monnaie Libra
Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency: All you need to know | TechCrunch
Facebook confirms it will launch a cryptocurrency called Libra in 2020 - The Verge
Facebook Cryptocurrency: Calibra’s Privacy Implications | Fortune
Facebook’s Libra ‘cryptocurrency’ is missing one thing: monetary policy
Facebook's New Coin: 5 Things to Know About Project Libra | Fortune
Libra White Paper | Blockchain, Association, Reserve Factbox: Facebook's new cryptocurrency Libra and digital wallet Calibra - Reuters
Calibra | Digital Wallet for Libra Cryptocurrency
Cryptomonnaie Libra : Bruno le Maire a des questions, voici des réponses
Chair of the House Financial Services Committee says Facebook should halt development of Libra until Congress investigates, calls on Facebook execs to testify (Makena Kelly/The Verge)
While Facebook's Libra plays at decentralization, it is still entrenched in Facebook, and using it means trusting Facebook, which is a hard sell in 2019 (Russell Brandom/The Verge)
The Facebook-backed Libra Association contains no major banks in its initially announced group of partners (Mike Dudas/The Block)
Details and explanations from Daily Tech News Show 3555 """WHAT IS IT Facebook announced that it will launch its Libra cryptocurrency in first half of 2020.
Facebook is running it and building it through end of the year. Plans to hand it over to the nonprofit Libra Association."""
"""WHO'S RUNNING IT Libra Association - 28 partners Headquarters in Geneva, Sitzerland Includes Facebook's Calibra, Coinbase, Mastercard, Visa, eBay, PayPal, Stripe, Spotify, Uber, Lyft, Vodafone, Womens World Banking, and Kiva.
"""WHAT DOES FACEBOOK GET OUT OF IT? Facebook's Part - Calibra
Facebook’s VP of blockchain, David Marcus “If more commerce happens, then more small businesses will sell more on and off platform, and they’ll want to buy more ads on the platform so it will be good for our ads business.”
-- anyone who signs up must share a government ID and other personal information.
"Avis de Patrick Beja: Ce n'est pas un produit Facebook. Totalement Open Source, FB n'a pas plus de contrôle sur le projet que les dizaines d'autres membres. Une monnaie virtuelle est une composante nécessaire de la prochaine évolution de Facebook déjà détaillée par Zuck : les ""super apps""."
Quels sont vos avis & analyses ?
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A service that sends you a text message when there is big Bitcoin news?

For example, if news that the ETF has been approved gets published, you immediately receive a text to your phone? Or Amazon accepting Bitcoin, etc. I don't want to miss a major price catalyst because I didn't happen to refresh Coindesk 50 times that day, so was looking to see if anything like this was available.
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Cryptocurrency News, Video and Podcast Aggregator

I built this to provide a free service to our community. Lots of keyword tags with custom rss feeds with direct links to the original news sources. 239 news feeds aggregated every few minutes, with lots more coming soon! The video section pulls in every crypto-related youtube/vimeo channel . There is a portal for all Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency videos / The EDU section pulls in research papers and the patent section has been pulling in 1000s of related patents for years. Let me know what you think
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A slightly overboard response to my threat model.

For what I hope are obvious reasons, I don't want, and probably will never post my threat model publicly online. However, regardless of that, what I'm sure you will extrapolate from this post is that I live my life, digitally in particular, with a fairly high level threat model. This is not because I'm some super sophisticated criminal mastermind, but rather, I am at this level because I genuinely love playing around with this stuff. And I just happen to understand the importance of privacy and just how vital it is to a truly healthy society. I would like to extend a thanks to ProgressiveArchitect for the sharing of the knowledge they have done on this subreddit, /privacytoolsio, and the like. We may have never interacted, but nevertheless, your input into this community is truly interesting and extremely informative and educating. I'm sure those of you familiar with PA's setup will be able to draw some parallels with mine and their's.
Thank you.
I hope you all enjoy reading this write up.
I run Qubes OS on a Lenovo ThinkPad X230 laptop. Specs for it are as following: - i7-3520M - 16GB RAM - 1TB Samsung 860 Evo SSD - Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 wireless card
Additionally, I used a Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ and a Pomono SPI clip to replace the stock BIOS firmware with coreboot+me_cleaner. This wasn't done out of any "real" concern for the Intel ME (though of course proprietary black-boxes like it should be avoided at all costs and not trusted), but rather for open source enthusiasm and for increased security and faster boot times than what the stock BIOS firmware allows for. On that note about the ME, I don't believe the conspiracy theories that claim that it is a state-sponsored attack method for surveillance. I believe that Intel had good intentions for improving the lives of IT professionals who need to manage hundreds, if not thousands of remote machines. However, it has proven time and time again to be insecure, and I don't need the remote management and the "features" that it provides on my machines.
In Qubes, I use a combination of AppVMs and StandaloneVMs for a variety of different purposes. All VMs use PVH over HVM, except for the Mirage Unikernel Firewall, which uses PV, and the sys-net and sys-usb StandaloneVMs which have to use HVM because of PCI device passthrough. Right now most of my VMs are AppVMs, but for maintenance and compartmentalization reasons, I am considering moving more towards StandaloneVMs, despite the increase in disk space and bandwidth usage for updates.
General route of from Qubes to the Internet for anonymous browsing, general private browsing, accessing Uni services, and Uni-related anonymous browsing respectively: 1. Qubes->sys-mirage-firewall->sys-vpn-wg->sys-corridor->sys-whonix->whonix-ws-15-dvm to the internet. 2. Qubes->sys-mirage-firewall->sys-vpn-wg to the Internet. 3. Qubes->sys-mirage-firewall->uni-vpn-wg to the Internet. 4. Qubes->sys-mirage-firewall->uni-vpn-wg->uni-corridor->uni-whonix->uni-anon-research to the Internet.

(Note: the VPN name is substituted in the "vpn" above. I had to remove it to comply with this subreddit's rules. It is easy to identify what VPN it is as it randomly generates a long numaric string and has fantastic support for WireGuard.)

Web Browsers: - Tor Browser (primary) in a disposable Whonix VM. - Firefox (secondary) with the about:config changes listed on and the following extensions: Cookies AutoDelete, Decentraleyes, HTTPS Everywhere, uBlock Origin (advance user, all third party content blocked and JavaScript disabled), and Vim Vixen. Used in my personal AppVM. - Ungoogled Chromium (Uni only) with standard uBlock Origin and cVim. Used only for Uni-related access in my uni-campus and uni-home AppVMs.
Search Engine: SearX, Startpage, and DuckDuckGo.
Password Manager: KeePassXC.
Office: LibreOffice.
Notes: Standard Notes.
Messaging: Signal Desktop.
Media Playback: mpv.
Emails: I access my personal email within my personal Qubes domain and my Uni email using my Uni Qubes domains. My emails are downloaded to a local repository using isync, send using msmtp, and read using neomutt with html emails converted to plain text using w3m. Emails are sent in plain text too. All of the attachments in the emails (PDFs mostly) are automatically opened in DisposableVMs.
My personal Posteo email account has incoming encryption setup. This means that I emailed my public GPG key to an address correlated to my actual Posteo email address so that all email that I receive is encrypted with my public key and can only be decrypted using my private key. So even if my emails were intercepted and/or my account broken into, the contents of them are safe since they are encrypted as soon as they hit Posteo's servers.
I have setup a number of Posteo aliases that are completely segregated from the email I used to register my account. One of those is considered my "professional" email for my current job. I have another couple aliases, one dedicated for 33mail and another dedicated for Abine Blur. I make use of 33mail alias addresses for catch-all email addresses for registering for accounts that need to be under a username associated with my name anyways. This is for purposes like putting different compartmentalized, but still related emails to put onto my Resume. I use a different alias for each Resume I put out online. That way, when that information gets sold, traded, etc., I can easily trace it back to who sold the information. For example, if I applied for a job online that required me to go through the process of registering an account through a third-party, say 'xyz Inc', the address I would register that account with would be [email protected], or something along those lines. Abine Blur is used much in the same manner but for accounts that don't need to be associated with my real name in any way, say online shopping on Amazon that I do under an many aliases, then ship to various address that I don't live at, but that I can visit with no problems. I use a different Blur address with each service like with 33mail for the same reasoning shown above.
The passwords for the accounts are encrypted and stored locally in each of the domains, however, my private key is stored in my vault domain, so even if an adversary were to compromise the domains, they wouldn't be able to steal my private key without exploiting the hypervisor. They would only be able to wait for me to authorize the usage of my private key in that domain, and even then, it could only be used to decrypt files. That is a concern that they can use my private key to decrypt messages, but they wouldn't be able to steal the key. With my personal email, the emails would also be encrypted locally anyway so they wouldn't be able to read them. My Uni email, in contrast, uses Outlook unfortunately, so there isn't any option to enable incoming encryption, and even if it was, I'm not sure how private it would be anyways.
For those looking for an in depth list of all my VMs, with explanations for the more obscure ones, I have listed them below. I have got a lot of templates, hence why I am considering moving over to StandaloneVMs, but as of right now:




Phone: Motorola Moto G5s running Lineage OS 16.0 Pie no G-Apps or micro-G with the following Apps: - AdAway: Open Source hosts file-based ad blocker. (Requires root.) - AFWall+: Linux iptables front end. (Requires root.) - Amaze: File manager. - andOPT: 2FA app. I like it since it can export the entries to an AES encrypted file. - AntennaPod: Podcast manager. - AnySoftKeyboard - Simple Calendar - Simple Contacts Pro - DAVx5: CalDav syncronization with my calendar on my Posteo email account. - F-Droid - Fennec F-Droid: Web Browser. Has the same Firefox addons like on Qubes minus Vim Vixen. I used the app Privacy Settings to configure the about:config. - KeePassDX: Password manager. - KISS launcher - Magisk Manager - NewPipe: YouTube app replacement. - S.Notes: Standard Notes. - OsmAnd~: Maps and navigation. - Red Moon: Blue light filter. - SELinuxModeChanger: Exactly as it sounds. (Requires root.) - Shelter: Work profile manager. - Signal: Messaging. - Vinyl Music Player: Music player. - WireGuard: VPN protocol frontend. Is configured to use my VPN account. Is setup as an always-on and connected VPN.
As mentioned, I use Shelter to manage my work profile. In it I isolate the following apps: - Clover: *chan browser. - Orbot: For routing apps through Tor. Is setup as an always-on and connected VPN. - RedReader: Reddit client. - Tor Browser
Over the last several years, I have started using my phone less and less and taking advantage of less of what it has got to offer. I don't check email on my device. I have no real need to browse the Internet on it outside of watching videos using NewPipe, browsing Reddit, and various *chan boards.
On the Smart Phone side of things, I am considering purchasing an older used iPhone SE or 6S for use with MySudo when outside of my home as well as an iPod Touch for use on WiFi only for use inside my home. The iPhone would be kept inside of a faraday bag when I am at home and not using it. It would also be kept in the faraday bag whenever at home to avoid associating that device with my home address. The iPod Touch would be used for MySudo calls instead.
Future outlook and plan for my privacy and security:
To avoid as much deanonymisation of my privacy as possible, I'm only going to specify enough so that anyone reading this can get the jist of my situation in life. I am quite young (age 16 to 25) and I started along this privacy journey when I was even younger. I was never a very heavy social media user, however I did have an online presence if you looked hard enough. My name fortunately is a very common and short name, so that does help to bury information that I was not able to remove further in the vast trenches that is the Internet.
On the digital side of things, I mentioned that I have a dedicated Crypto AppVM for handling crypto currency transactions using Bisq. I have setup a dedicated bank account that I have periodically been transferring money into so that I can trade crypto. Unfortunately, I do not live in the US, so being able to effectively start trades with others is more difficult. I also do not have access to a credit card masking account like (that I absolutely would use given the ability). I plan on getting an anonymous VPS to host my own Tor exit node for better speeds and to mitigate the possibility of malicious exit nodes. The country I live in has been a proponent of absolute dragnet surveillance on all activities occurring online and in real life, though the former is far more visible on this subreddit. I will be using crypto with cleaned Bitcoin (as seen with ProgressiveArchitect's setup) for purchasing my VPN service, etc.
With future hardware, to replace my aging laptop, I am very hopeful for Xen, then eventually Qubes OS getting ported to Power9. When that happens I'll be getting a Raptor Computing Blackbird as a desktop. Maybe in the future I'll get a Purism Librem laptop, but for now my corebooted X230 works perfectly for my use cases. On that note, I have successfully build the Heads firmware for the X230 and I was able to get the minimal 4MB image flashed on my laptop. I did revert it back to my coreboot setup after playing around a little with it, and unfortunately I haven't had time since to do a full, complete flash of it.
On the physical/real life side of things, I plan on making use of various Trusts in order to hold assets, say to keep my name from being immediately visible on the title of my car. As of right now I am fortunate enough to have the title of my car under the name of someone who I trust. Unless I am legally required, and where there are immediate and absolute consequences, I use fake names in real life. With Uni, I am enrolled under my real name and address. This is a requirement and it is verified, so there is nothing that I can realistically do about it. As for other services, I plan on setting up a personal mailbox (PMB), etc if possible to use as a real, physical address that is associated with my real name and that is used for things like Government issued ID. In the future when I move again, I plan on renting a place in cash to try and keep my name dissociated with my real address. For those looking for reasoning on why one would want to do that, please read How to be Invisible by J.J. Luna. It's truly the Bible of physical privacy.
At this stage I am just going off on a ramble, so I should cut it short here.
I have just started and I live for this shit.
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Fundamental analysis: where do you get your Coin-related news from?

Being the first to learn about a critical piece of information just released is crucial to anticipate an imminent increase of drop of the market, and open positions accordingly.
We had a great example of this last week with the arrest of the Bitinstant CEO and subsequent market drop. Those who heard about it early were able to open short positions that resulted in a nice profit.
In your experience: what are the best, fastest, most reliable sources of information out there? Which ones do you use? Twitter? Troll-boxes? IRC? Dedicated websites?
Thank you.
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100% Bitcoin tech magazine with no price speculation - contributions welcome

Hi All,
I have worked restlessly for months to put together, a tech magazine exclusively focused on Bitcoin. It is mainly dedicated to new developers and technical people and does not include any price speculation or ads and offers an RSS feed.
I started diving into bitcoin technology last year and I missed having a news source that would give me in glimpse all updates on Bitcoin related technology without having to scroll through tons of click bait content and price speculation. Before starting this project there was no such source of news as the vast majority of good quality tech articles were posted on personal blogs, while the most popular crypto blogs and magazines include price talk, ICOs and such with tons of ads.
I thought it was relevant to share here and would appreciate any feedback.
We also have a Matrix room where you can leave your feedback or contributions.
EDIT: There is now a newsletter available here
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What is your strategy for getting news?

I made a profitable trade the other day but it was only because I closely follow the bitcoin forums and reddits. Are there any tools you guys use that serves up new content from these sources and others to your phone so you aren't constantly checking?
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PSA: The flood of "Major companies (ATT, AMZN) accepting BTC" posts are misleading. DYOR.

TLDR Below.
Ladies and Fellas,
For the past several weeks, Reddit has been bombarded with ads from various "crypto news sources" claiming that companies like ATT and Amazon (Whole Foods) now accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as forms of payment. The dream has come true! Or has it? The method and message these processors are communicating to us is tremendously false and misleading:
First of all, it is important to know that many of these "Crypto News Sites" are pay for play. The articles are written up by special interests (a wallet, a company, etc.), a fee is paid to the "news website," and the article is then posted as news on their feed. It can then appear in the apps we use to track coin prices, RSS feeds, and other avenues of access to the general public under what people assume is "news." These posts are expensive, which explains the massive shill effort taking place.
Now, lets use Bitpay as an example as they have been among the most prevalent in this practice and the most aggressive that I have personally conversed with. Bitpay is a payment processor, similar to Visa or MasterCard, however Bitpay specifically allows payments in Cryptocurrency, in conjunction with whatever else they offer.
When the shillers tell you that ATT or Whole Foods will provide you with a QR code and you send payment to them, the payment address actually belongs to Bitpay, who for a small fee then converts your Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency to fiat and pays the major company in fiat. At no point does ATT, Amazon, or any of these large companies actually handle your Bitcoin. They do not accept Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency at all. The processor does, and these processors are trying to make it seem as if the major retailers do.
That is what really grinds my gears. Many of us are looking forward to the day that OUR actual Bitcoin will be accepted as payment because this act not only validates one of many use cases for Bitcoin, but also signifies a real world functionality for our wallets - introducing a much larger scale of adoption and societal acceptance. These "fake news" sites and posts mislead us to believe that this time has come. It has not. Hopefully one day, but like Arya said "not today."
At no point do any of these companies handle or even deal with Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. Yes, technically, you can send your Bitcoin to an address and have your bill or statement paid off, but it is not via actual Bitcoin acceptance by one of these major companies. It is via a payment processor who will most likely charge you a small fee (on top of marginalizing the conversion price by a few %) for converting your Bitcoin to fiat and then paying off your bill in fiat. The simple fact that these companies have been trying so hard to make us believe that our Bitcoin is accepted in the manner which they are should be a red flag in and of itself!
Some people may not mind, saying "cool, I can send my Bitcoin to an address and my balance with a major company will be marked as paid." Thats your business and your freedom to do what you want with your $. Others like myself, feel like these processors are communicating false information making it seem like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are accepted at 100's of major retailers when in fact fiat is the only thing they do and ever have accepted. This campaign is a grey area lie (for lack of a better term) and it is misleading and untrue. Be careful and DYOR.
TL/DR: The past few weeks, various post have flooded this space claiming Fortune 500 companies and major retailers now accept Bitcoin. They do not and this is a deceiving and misleading statement. ATT and Amazon accept fiat, and these shady processors are trying to fool us into thinking major retailers accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. They accept fiat only at this point. The processors accept our BTC, convert it to fiat, and pay the retailers in fiat. There is no translational increase in adoption or social awareness by any major retailer. Don't get fooled. DYOR.
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